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He took him to the doctor for the stain on his baby’s mouth

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US mother Darian Depreta was horrified when she saw a black mark on her daughter’s palate. The mother, who thinks she is losing her mind, did not accept the answer that the doctors may have a “birthmark” and asked for a look again. Looking again, it was decided that this was not worth worrying about. Because the thing in the palate of the girl whose teeth were just beginning to come out was a piece of cardboard.

The interesting event took place in the USA. Anne Darian later describes the event she will be ashamed of: ” While playing with my daughter Bella, I saw that the roof of her mouth was black. I immediately called my mom and best friend and got a doctor’s appointment. When I arrived at the hospital, the nurse was both trying to delete it and saying ‘she hadn’t seen anything like it before’.

I was terrified and came to the point where I would lose my mind. Doctors said it was a birthmark, but I knew it wasn’t like that in my baby’s mouth before. So I asked the doctors to look again. Looking again, it turned out to be a piece of cardboard. I was both crying and laughing. I was embarrassed, thinking how I got to the office. “

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