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6 Unusual College Scholarships That Will Scratch Your Head

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Of the many unusual grants that we came across, it seems that the same unusual grants are performed year after year. Because of this, we spent an insurmountable amount of time searching the internet for something that is truly unique and unusual. Here are the results. We present 6 unusual grants that you will surely be captivated by.

1) Favorite taste of the ice cream scholarship

While most scholarships ask about your athletic ability, test results, income or grades, they only want to know one thing: your favorite ice cream flavor that describes your personality. It may sound unusual, but admittedly this would be a difficult topic. I just don’t see how anyone could describe how vanilla or chocolate describe their personality.

2) Beans for Brain Scholarship

Knitting is a hobby that many people do for free. What if you could get a knitting scholarship? The Beans For Brains Fellowship can be used by anyone who knits or crochets. This grant is provided by the Jimmy Beans Wool Store and can add $ 3,200 to you. In addition, it is worth noting that the company awards 6 scholarships each year and is available to U.S. and international college students who love to knit.

3) Scholarship for the fifth month

We have seen a variety of strange grants, but this is definitely high on the list of unusual grants. Students who are 13 years old apply for this scholarship by writing an article about number 5. Yes, number 5. This award is clearly aimed at people with a high degree of creativity and a sense of humor. In any case, the grant is worth $ 1,500.

4) Halloween costume scholarship

Every month the company – Wholesale Halloween Costumes – offers a fun and equally unusual competition for students who need additional money. To apply for this scholarship, students have to do various strange things, such as: B. capture the Easter bunny in the film or write a fictional story about a monster. The winner will receive $ 500.

5) Eileen J. Garrett Fellowship

People who study parapsychology, which includes reincarnation, near-death experiences and telepathy, are largely not taken seriously by the public. Eileen J. Garrett takes her seriously. So much so that the person offered a $ 3,000 scholarship to students currently studying an area in parapsychology.

6) Zombie Apocalypse Fellowship

The zombie trend has increased so much that there are currently a multitude of video games, TV shows and films that are all based on zombies. In fact, there was so much media attention for the zombie concept that even a statement by the Center for Disease and Control couldn’t suppress the fear of zombies that many people still have. So let’s say that there are zombies and that they took over your college. This is essentially the concept of this $ 2,000 grant. Applicants must create a detailed plan for the ideal place to hide and the 5 items they would use to survive.

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