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7 great window boxes ideas for decorating

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If you currently live in a tiny urban apartment and want to turn it into a cozy, charming place for you and your roommates or family, you should upgrade it with some window boxes. Regardless of whether you want to plant vegetables, fruit, flowers, or herbs to enhance the exterior of your home, you should carefully choose the type and style of window box that you need. To help you with doubts, we have prepared some simple tips that you can follow when installing window boxes. Read on if you’re interested in discovering some of the secrets of urban gardening!

  1. Don’t be afraid to get creative with color. Every planter, planter and container looks much better if it is not painted in classic brown or beige. White has become very popular in recent years. This is probably due to the Mediterranean feeling that white objects give to a home. If you are a fan of the sea and want to experience the dreamy feeling of summer through your home accessories all year round, you should definitely get a standard planter from wooden windows and paint it white. It is simple, straightforward and, above all, trendy. What more could you ask for when looking for ideas for window boxes? Of course, if you are a fan of colors and like to experiment with them, nobody should stop you. The most modern bright colors this year are yellow, salmon, lively corals and dark orange. Get a box for your plants in these nuances and you will definitely not go wrong.
  2. Dark metal boxes with iron ornaments. Although this type of window box may seem too cold and formal to you at first glance, once installed under your windows you will be pleasantly surprised at how they look. All metal home accessories are very trendy this year because they give urban apartments an industrial flair. And as you know, industrial and rustic home decorations are a must for every modern home in town.
  3. An upscale custom wooden window box. Although there are many PVC imitation wood window boxes that are much more durable and easier to care for than the wooden boxes, natural wood remains one of the materials that is most in demand for window decorations and flower boxes. Although wood rots much faster than other materials, the investment it gives your home is worth it. However, if you don’t plan to repaint them annually, you shouldn’t get them at all. They are very maintenance-intensive.
  4. Window boxes made from recycled materials. Old buckets, chests or pieces of furniture that you don’t need can easily be turned into a nice box for your balcony flowers. Recycling not only keeps you abreast of the latest trends in vintage interior design, it also supports a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. This can be a good example for your children.
  5. Hanging flower baskets. There is a large selection of hanging flower baskets on the UK market. However, we recommend that you buy a sieve or a large basket made of thick packing thread. Even if you don’t have space for flowers in front of your windows, you can still hang up a small basket and improve the view from your window.
  6. Vintage style brick or stone covered concrete window boxes. There are some buildings that have been built with such boxes under the windows from the beginning. They are very solid and can withstand the elements, making them one of the best options for homeowners who want to beautify the exterior of their home. Unfortunately, you may not see such buildings very often.
  7. A flower box with flowers in color that match the shutters. Although there are not many houses that still have shutters, there are some. If you are one of them, you don’t really have to take care of the box itself, but the flowers you want to plant in it. You should better match the color of your flowers with the color of the shutters. This is a unique and beautiful combination that will definitely make your home stand out from the rest, especially if you choose to invest in the bright, varied floral and box colors.

However, before you start designing or buying, remember that the planter you have chosen is not as special as you want unless you choose the right type of flowers to plant it. Here’s what you can do to make sure your “home garden” looks like a real masterpiece:

The most important thing to watch out for when going to your local garden center to pick some beautiful and easy to grow flowers is choosing your main color palette. You need to pick a nice big flower in a light color that you can use as the centerpiece, and some other shorter flowers in a similar tone, but not exactly the same, to create a contrast. It’s a smart idea to also plant a few flowers that match the facade of the building. This way, your planter or planters will look part of the building instead of just an inadequate accent. You should always make sure that your work is symmetrical. If you still have some space near the edges, you can always add nice seasonal accents. For example, you can add small decorative pumpkins to the composition at the beginning of autumn. Both provide a better contrast and give your decorated flower box the finishing touch.

Remember that you are not only creating a “garden” that suits your neighbors from the outside, but also a work of art that should also look good on the inside. After all, you’ll mostly enjoy it from the inside. Make sure the flowers look good when you look at them through your windows! If not, make some additional changes to improve the look. Do you need more tips? Then visit our site regularly for more free advice!

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