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Afghan crochet

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Afghan crochet stitch has many variations that look very different. Despite its name, this stitch is not used exclusively for Afghans, and Afghans are not only made with this stitch.

The stitch is often referred to by many different names – Tunisian crochet, tricot crochet, shepherd’s crochet, hook knitting and railroad knitting.

Tunesian Crochet is similar to knitting in that all loops are held on the hook at the same time. This stitch is also different from normal crochet stitches because the rows are worked in half. In contrast to normal crochet, where you work every single stitch to a point where there is only one loop left on the hook before proceeding to the next stitch, the Afghan stitch works a whole series of stitches on the hook and then work the same row of stitches from the hook.

Because of the way the lines are structured, a clear tick is required. Afghan crochet hooks are longer than normal crochet hooks and have a stop at the end so that the stitches do not slip. There is also one that consists of a crochet hook at each end that is connected by a flexible line in the middle. These are ideal for making carpets because they contain many stitches. Most patterns determine the most suitable hook length for this design. If you are not sure, check the size of the piece you want to make. Choose a hook that is slightly longer than the width of your piece.

Tunisian crochet The fabric is stronger and thicker than the knit fabric. It creates this heavier effect because it uses a lot more yarn. The stitches are more like knitting than normal crochet stitches. With this stitch you can make everything from carpets, floor mats and wall hangings to sweaters, shoulder bags, baby items, coats and accessories. The stitches have a square shape that matches the bulky yarn and are perfect for multi-colored designs.

Afghan baby crochet usually requires lighter materials. If you want to crochet finer yarn or cotton with a Tunisian crochet stitch, simply use a smaller hook that is suitable for the yarn weight you selected.

This is a beautiful and unusual stitch that creates a strong, neat and even pattern on every object it is applied to. There is surely an application that fits every crochet.

Have fun crocheting

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