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Benefit Auction Decoration Ideas: Elegant (yes, elegant!) Balloons

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I don’t like to write about decorating ideas for benefit auctions. If it doesn’t bring you money, I’m less inclined to spend time educating you about it.

And rarely do auction decorations make money.

But many of the volunteers on your performance auction committees love talk about decor, right?

They get excited when they plan the colors … considering the centerpieces … and how they can incorporate fun elements. It hurts me that your decor budget can get out of control.

(Don’t forget that spending your budget on more important items that make you money, such as a top-notch auctioneer, is much smarter.)

Unfortunately, I would also like to advise that getting volunteers to sign up for the decorating committee is much easier than signing up for the procurement or acquisition team!

All in all, here is an idea for an auction decor that is affordable and elegant: oversized balloons!

You can equate balloons as something suitable for a child’s birthday party, but not as a benefit auction.

Or you think balloons are suitable school Auction, but not a nonprofit Gala.

Think again This may be true for the typical 11 “balloon, but when you start using oversized 3 ‘and 4’ wide balloons, the story changes.

Oversized helium balloons add a touch of sophistication to your gala.

They can be used in the silent auction to draw attention to specific tables (think blue balloons for the blue area and yellow balloons for the yellow area) and placed in the ballroom to fill up a large room nicely.

If you have an exceptionally high ceiling in the ballroom, larger balloons visually create a “suspended ceiling effect” that makes the room appear more intimate.

As with most balloon types, the helium in some balloons may wear off at the end of the night, but most stay up, hover over your guests, and look great. At the galas I worked on, these larger balloons seemed to have a noble, calming effect.

Balloons are cheaper than many other types of decor and they look beautiful. Oversized balloons do an excellent job for your money in creating a visually appealing charity auction.

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