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Can knitting calm your mood?

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Can knitting improve the ability to learn new things? Can it help ward off a person’s psychological stress? Well, most people use extreme exercise to improve health and fitness. Knitting and exercise may have little in common, but you may be surprised that both activities make a big contribution to our mood and cognitive function. Knitting simple baby knitting patterns can not only make your baby smile, but also have a meditative or deeply relaxing effect on the knitter. Yes, knitting trains the brain and increases the mood of those who deal with it. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It sure is.

Knitters have often described how they feel when they move their hands with different knitting needle sizes. They say that when they start knitting, they seem to be doing yoga. Studies of brainwaves from people engrossed in spatial-motor tasks have shown similarities to those who do deep meditation. As with meditation, repetition, when you start knitting, stimulates the brain functions known as the reward system, promoting good relaxation and an antidote to stress-related health outcomes.

How is that possible? Can knitting really be meditative? During the repetition, the cerebral flow activity of the left prefrontal cortex increases. And when this happens, our positive mood is badly affected because the left prefrontal cortex is connected to our feelings. When knitters do their trick, they simultaneously activate their left prefrontal cortex and convey the same feeling as when solving puzzles or translating codes. Over time, it has been found that activation of the left prefrontal cortex helps to ward off depression and anxiety-related problems, as well as a good response to stress.

Knitting can be a good helper to have a healthy body. When you knit, your brain is asked to stay alive and perform its function. Knitting can also be a great way to distract your brain from thinking about negative situations or emotions. A woman’s experience of physical trauma shows that she gradually feels better when she reaches for her knitting needles. The rhythmic movement of her fingers weighs her brain and makes her feel at peace.

Knitting has come a long way to promote health, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Many may view this as a boring hobby, but the joy reflected in knitting the knitters proves that their brains are working optimally. So grab your knitting needles and Knitting needle conversion tables and knit your way to wellbeing!

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