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Christmas robin tea cozy knitting pattern

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The cheerful Christmas robin is no stranger to cold, bleak winters. He knows how to keep warm and he will also keep the teapot warm. The festive robin novelty Tea Cozy is quick and easy to prepare and gives the kitchen or the breakfast table a Christmas mood. It is also a very unusual gift.

To make the Christmas robin tea cozy, you need …

5.5 mm, UK 5 or US 9 knitting needles,

50g brown double knitting wool,

50g red double knitting wool,

25g white double knitting wool

And felt scraps for eyes and beak.

Divide all balls of wool into two balls so that the yarn is used in double thickness but can be knitted as a single strand.

The back

Cast on 28 stitches with double brown yarn and knit 38 rows in a straight garter stitch (knit each row)

Leave the stitches on a spare needle until later.

The front

Cast on 28 stitches with double brown wool and knit 4 rows in garter stitch.

Break the yarn and switch to white (double yarn again). Work another 4 rows.

Row 9: Knit 6 stitches with white, knit red (double yarn) in red to get the last 6 stitches. Knit 6 with white.

Do not wear the yarn behind the work but use separate balls of wool and twist the yarn together when changing colors to avoid holes.

Line 10: K6 white, K16 red, K6 white.

Line 11: K4 white, K20 red, K4 white.

Repeat the last line 21 times.

Line 33: K5 white, K8 red, K2 white, K8 red, K5 white.

Repeat this line again.

Line 35: K6 white, K6 red, K4 white, K6 red, K6 white.

Repeat this line again.

Work two rows in white.

The tea cozy top

Knit with brown double yarn over the cozy front of the tea and then the cozy back of the tea as follows …

Form the top row 1: * repeat K5, K2 together * until the end

Knit the next and every other row.

Line 3: * K4, K2 together * repeat until the end.

Line 5: * K3, K2 together * repeat until the end.

Line 7: * K2, K2 together * repeat until the end.

Line 9: * K1, K2 together * repeat until the end.

Line 11: * Repeat K2 tog * until the end.

Thread the end of the yarn through the remaining stitches and through the loop of the yarn itself and pull off the knitting firmly and Finnishly.

Sew together with the front and back right side approximately 9.5 cm from the end point along the side seam towards the cast edge.

Sew approx. 3 cm upwards on the underside of each side seam. The holes remain for the teapot handle and the spout.

Cut out two eyes (approx. 4 cm in diameter) from the felt and sew in position.

Cut a 5 cm long dragon shape out of black felt and fold the fabric in half along the long edge and sew this edge over with small stitches. Press the seam flat at the bottom to form a slim, pointed beak. Sew in place.

Now the rosy robin can keep your rosy lee hot all winter.

This novelty Christmas Robin Tea cuddly fits teapots up to 47 cm round and up to 17 cm high, a medium-sized teapot.

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