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Continental Combination Knitting Review – what is it, what is it for?

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In continental knitting, a knitter holds the yarn in her left hand like a crochet. In combination knitting, Annie Modesitt teaches us how to make purls like knits in reverse order, giving them a different stitch attachment. I use continental combination knitting. Here are my pros and cons.

What is good about continental combination knitting?

Continental style knitting is quick for me. My yarn is right there to make a new stitch, just like crocheting. English knitting has yarn in your right hand and you throw it over the needle for each stitch. I learned English first, but switched to continental for more speed.

Combination knitting may seem strange at first glance when there are different knitting and stitching on your needle, but it has five different advantages – the last one I just discovered.

  1. A stitch stitch is as quick and easy as a knitting stitch – like a reflection of a knitting stitch. No additional movements.
  2. A stitch stitch has exactly the same amount of thread as a knitting stitch, no extra long loop for the normal stitch holder.
  3. Since a stitch stitch has the same amount of yarn as a knitting stitch, the back and forth knitting does not produce “stretching”, which happens when the stitch rows have a loose tension than the knitting rows.
  4. The various stitch holders prevent errors when ripping.
  5. With cables, there is no excessive looseness between the last cable stitch and the next stitch.

While knitting an Aran sweater, I read two comments on how to deal with the looseness problem to the left of each cable. I studied knitting, relaxed at work, and there was none. I credit combination knitting well.

What is bad about continental combination knitting?

The different stitch holder for purl stitches feels a bit strange at first. What feels even stranger is how the stitch holder changes when you pull it back. Knitting and stitches are reassembled so that they no longer sit on the needle as before when you work on the right side again. This may take some getting used to.

Why bother?

It is wonderful to rip in the round because if you try to accidentally knit a stitch or knit a stitch it will not work at first. The needle doesn’t go in, you look down, find you’re trying to mess up, and then insert the needle properly. No mistakes. It speeds up the knitting of 12 inch ribs for socks for soldiers.

These are my thoughts on continental combination knitting. It’s great for faster knitting with fewer mistakes. If you want to learn more, read the free tutorials on Annie Modesitt Dot Com.

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