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Decorative mosaic and backsplash tiles: the best way to renovate your home

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Are you planning a long renovation of your house? Do you feel that the walls of your living room and kitchen look shabby and boring? Well, it’s time to renovate the wall, and here you need to call in experts to help you choose the best mosaic or backsplash tiles for the walls.

Porcelain tiles are commonly used for walls

There is no comparison with designs with porcelain tiles on the walls of your kitchen and living room. These tiles are very famous for their durability and also improve the aesthetic appearance of the walls. Under different porcelain tiles you can choose Bermini Bianco 2×2 mosaic, Bermini Camo 2×2 mosaic, dimensions concrete 2×2 mosaic, dimensions glazer 2×2 mosaic, dimensions graphite 2×2 mosaic etc.

Decoration with ceramic tiles

Decorative ceramic tiles can always give the walls of your rooms an impressive effect. These tiles are easy to care for and durable. These tiles are used in all types of home and business decorations. There are large varieties of ceramic backsplash and mosaic tiles available on the market and you can easily choose one of them. You can choose from styles such as glossy almond, antique white arabesque, antique white with a hexagon pattern, handmade in antique white glaze, bianco arabesque and more.

Design with pebbles

When you’re ready to elegantly decorate backsplash tiles on the walls of your kitchens and bathrooms, opting for pebbles is a good idea. You can choose from various pebble collections made of limestone, marble and travertine, etc. These are available in different colors and designs. You can choose one of the following options from different styles:

Alaska Gray polished pebble

Black and white pebble with tumbled pattern

Black and marble pebbles with tumbled patterns.

Decorative mixes are attractive

The use of decorative mixes for wall renovation always gives your home a beautiful look. These designs are just perfect for your kitchens and bathrooms. You can choose the Aria interlocking pattern with glass stone mixture, the mixed pattern of black marble and glass in gray tone, the glass mixture of black marquee with shades of gray and black, and the glass stone Café NOCE with a nice mixture of chocolates and creams.

There are also different types of designer backsplash tiles and mosaic tiles that can surely give your home a new classic look.

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