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Flowers and fruit add a new dimension to your cake decorating ideas

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From fresh fruit to frozen flowers, the look of fruity and floral side dishes gives your cake a whole new dimension that can be used for additional colors and tones, a contrasting texture or simply to indicate the taste of the file or the cake itself. The adding these simple items to decorate your cakes are sometimes one of the simplest yet worthy ideas you can possibly come up with, especially when fruits and flowers are readily available in your locale.

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to decorate your cakes with these eye-soothing decorations.


Fresh berries as a decoration are a colorful, tasty addition to all cakes on your dessert table. They can be easily stacked on top of the cake and immediately result in a wonderful look and taste. Regardless of whether the fruits or flowers used are simple, sugared, or glazed with syrup, the added taste they offer can sometimes make the difference between an ordinary cake and a cake loved by those who keep an eye on them judge. The use of blueberries or even whole strawberries placed around the outside of an ordinary chocolate cake is likely to give a refreshingly fruity taste and a hint of color. This is especially true if they are livened up with a few fresh mint leaves or a few lemon peel grids.

The use of kiwi fruit slices, orange slices, strawberries and sometimes grapes is ideal to arrange them on a cake and then glaze them with a sweet sugar or maple syrup or melted jelly. Sliced ​​fresh figs or dates with removed seeds, coated with balls of freshly whipped cream and decoratively arranged on a sponge cake, make an artistically looking cake.

Tips on using fruit as a decoration for cakes

* Frozen whole fruits like sliced ​​pears, figs, lady apples and maybe a bunch of grapes are fantastic decorations for late summer and autumn cakes.

* Sliced ​​fruits don’t last as long as whole berries. Make sure you serve the cake within a few hours after decorating. This is to prevent the fruit from “crying” in the cake or the icing of the cake.


The use of flowers is slightly different. You need to make sure that fresh edible flowers are used as they will most likely be eaten with the cake. These edible flowers are great for decorating frosted cakes and are also easy to use. Just start with a simple one frosted cake or even a simple cake that is lightly dusted with powdered sugar; Then start to pile flowers like lavender, rose petals, sweet violets, marigolds, bachelors and borage. These are all edible and look visually appealing. To further increase the visual interest, simply add a few scoops of whipped cream to the center of the cake. The flowers can then be arranged in many different positions and locations on the cake, as you would for any flower arrangement

With flowers as a decoration for cakes, simplicity is best, as it would give your cakes a more natural look and taste without having to look like your neighbor’s garden.

A few simple tips for using flowers as cake decorations

* Dust the flowers with super fine sugar; This adds an elegant, sparkling effect.

* Make sure flowers are clean when using them for cake decorations. This means that all parts of the flowers are pesticide-free and non-toxic.

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