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How to make your own knitting loom very inexpensively

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When I first saw a knitting loom, I just thought “what a waste of time”. I later bought one for my granddaughter and she started making hats on it. It was all well and good for a child, but as an adult I saw no use for it.

I already knew how to knit by hand and machine, I crocheted too, so this looked like a toy to me. My sisters bought some looms and were busy making hats for the shelters. I paid little attention to them until they seemed to be having so much fun. I then bought a cheap set of looms so I could have fun with them. I soon realized that a hat could be finished in a fraction of the time it took me to knit one by hand. Yes, I could knit it faster on the machine, but you won’t bring your sisters a knitting machine if the girls just get together a bit.

Still, I thought OK, that’s good for knitting hats, but that’s all I’ve seen. So of course I had to start playing around and see what I could do besides hats and scarves.

I was pleasantly surprised at what could be done with these very simple looms. But the cost of buying a rake or board toilet is unattainable for many people. So I sat down with my son-in-law and we talked about how to make a loom.

With a smoothly ground board and a few pins, you can make a knitting loom in any size or thickness you want. The fine-gauge looms are more expensive than the normal gauge, so it is advantageous to make your own. You need to place the pins at ¾ inches for a normal loom. With this loom you have to use two skeins of thread. Place the pens ½ inch apart and you can knit a nice baby blanket with a strand of 4-ply yarn.

At this point we came up with the Po ‘Folks loom. It can be made in any size, round or straight. The most important thing to keep in mind when knitting or raking is that the wood must be smooth and the pens the same size, whether large or small.

Even if you use a homemade knitting loom, you can make beautiful hats, scarves, slippers, afghans, sweaters, ankle boots and much more. Don’t limit yourself like I do, try them out and find out how fun they can be.

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