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Knitting and crochet shop I was able to stay a mother at home with my craft shop

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There seems to be a lot of talk about the domestic knitting and crochet business. It seems that half of the people say that you can’t make money from a craft business. The other half tries to convince you that it is so easy to get rich overnight without effort.

I am one of the middle people. You probably won’t get rich unless you become a very exclusive designer. But even if you as a designer are not in your future, you can achieve a decent income with your craft. I’m only saying this because I did it.

Knitted scarves, knitted hats and Christmas items of all kinds. The creation of crochet baby patterns and loom knitting patterns was part of my business.

With some baby crochet patterns and a used knitting machine, I started knitting hats and crocheting baby afghans to sell. The beginning was slow, of course, but as time passed and my items became known, my craft business grew.

My business was founded in 1986. Yes, I’m retired now and no, I haven’t gotten rich. But I increased the family income. I was also able to stay at home, raise our children and spend all my family life hours.

It was extremely hectic at times and a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. When you’re doing something you love, big dollars aren’t always your main goal. My goal was to help with the family budget and still be available for our family life and activities.

My children have now grown up with their own families. I don’t regret being at home for a moment.

We still have a lot of laughs about when the orders would arrive so quickly that all four of us would come in. We would have the living room full of pompoms trying to do all the orders for the holidays.

I would knit during the day while they were in school. In the evening I did the handicrafts while we were all talking and watching TV.

The children tell of happy memories that I was always at home when their school day was over. We always had enough money for what we needed. My income helped with all the many extras for the family.

Yes, I recommend staying at home, mom, if at all possible. Also try the craft shop you’ve always dreamed of. You will never regret trying, but you will regret never trying.

You know what! We are rich from my home business. We have never left without and we are rich in many beautiful memories and without remorse.

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