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Learn the amazing Passap knitting machine

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The first real hand-knitting machine made its debut in 1939 on the occasion of the Swiss National Exhibition. It was built by Ernst Luchsinger with the support of a Hungarian emigrant. Although using this knitting machine required a lot of manual work, the results were five to eight times faster than pure manual knitting.

From the beginning, E. Luchsinger sold his hand knitting machines under the brand name PASSAP, an abbreviation for PAtent Schnell Strick AParat, which means something (like “patented quick knitting machine”).

The development of the ELECTRONIC 6000 was the biggest and most costly challenge in the 60 years of PASSAP history. Its development not only presented the MADAG engineers with a tremendous challenge, but was also a great leap into new technologies. Eventually, all obstacles were overcome and the result was the state-of-the-art electronic knitting machine at the time.

The Passap E 6000 knits exactly what you tell it, perfectly with the unique dialog computer that communicates with you. It is important that you learn to speak Passap so that you can communicate with the console. Since it is very precise, there is a learning curve to familiarize yourself with programming the console so that you get exactly the result you want.

The electronics on the knitting console ask you a number of simple questions. They are not in the usual order and do not answer why or how patience is required on your part.

Understanding the step-by-step format of the console and the questions asked will make it easier to learn how to program so you can avoid the error messages and follow the patterns and techniques entered into the computer.

The computer displays the choices and you decide whether to accept them.

It makes no sense to wish that the manual was written more clearly. We need to work with what we have and get used to the process of setting up the console and the order of the questions asked. Once you know the sequence, knitting on the Passap will be much easier.

The learning curve is a bit steep, but definitely doable. I would therefore like to encourage you to stick with it until you reach the breakthrough moments and gain confidence that you can tackle this wonderful machine.

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