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Living room decoration – tips and mistakes

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The effective decoration of your living room depends on its size and shape. When decorating your living room, always remember that there should be a focus. A fireplace is usually the perfect focus. An attractive fireplace can dramatically enhance the beauty of the room. There are so many different fireplace designs to choose from depending on your taste, preferences or budget. You should take special care to have the perfect fireplace, as people usually gather around them at family gatherings or parties, especially in the cold season. Fireplaces can be made from wood, steel, stone, cement, etc. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should therefore only make a decision after careful consideration. Brick is definitely the favorite choice for many people.

One mistake you should avoid is that your living room revolves around a TV. Many people make the mistake of having ultra-modern televisions that they want to show other people. However, television is usually not the main activity in a living room. So avoid making it into a big theater.

Another mistake you want to avoid is that there are too many decorative items in the living room, making them look cluttered and messy. Think of the golden rule: “When it comes to decoration: less is more”. You are unlikely to do anything wrong if you always follow this rule. Assuming you have many collectibles that you want to display, you can alternate them. Showcase some of them and replace them with others later.

A small but important point is how to hide cables and wires. With more and more electrical and electronic devices in our homes, the problem of wires and cables has really become a big problem. You can keep wires hidden at all times by attaching them to the back of furniture or along baseboards with a tacker. Having cables and wires in the room can affect the look of the room and make it look messy. Wires can also pose other hazards, such as electric shocks, when young children touch or try to play with them.

Avoid uncomfortable furniture when buying furniture for your living room. Check how a sofa or chair feels by sitting on it. Of course, you want to buy furniture that looks good, but should also be comfortable. Since you can probably spend a lot of time in the living room every day and also entertain guests there, you should be careful when choosing the chairs, table and sofa to ensure that they are very comfortable.

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