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Make Halloween outdoor decorations: “Ring of Ghosts” and “Flagpole Spooks”

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Here’s a favorite tradition of our family in outdoor Halloween decor:


Materials: 3 sheets of double size 3 four-foot long flexible PVC pipes (1/2 inch), wooden posts or dowels 3 small white plastic garbage bags masking tape newspaper cord or twist ties black marker (optional)

Manual: 1. First determine a good location for your ghost meeting. Find a wide area or group it around a tree or light pole.

2. To shape the heads of the ghosts, crumple the newspaper and stuff the three small plastic garbage bags to the size you want.

3. Insert one of the PVC pipes into one of the bags and wrap the neck with adhesive tape to secure it. Repeat for the other spirits.

5. Cover each ghost head with a leaf and gather it under each head with a string or zip tie. The head should be in the middle of the sheet so that the outer edges can be attached to the neighboring ghosts.

You can make ghosts larger or smaller, but you need to adjust the size of the sheet you use for the shot. Our spirits will be just under 4 feet tall.

4. Push the PVC tubing into the ground at a circular distance of about 1 to 2 feet. The leaves should touch the ground and cover the support. You can also use wooden posts or dowels, but your spirits don’t have as much movement as with the PVC pipes.

6. Finally, tie the ends of the leaves together to give the impression that the ghosts are holding hands. Since the PVC is flexible, your spirits are now moving in the wind!

7. If desired, make Casper-like faces on the sheets with black markings.

We have 3 children, so we always make 3 ghosts, but you can connect as many ghosts as you like!

You will look like you are playing a creepy game “Ring-around-the-Rosy”!

Click here to see ours Ring of the spirits


These creepy decorations are easy if you have an angled flagpole on the front of your home.

Fearsome flagpole spirit: Hang a “Scream” style mask on the end of the flagpole. Tie a white sheet or a generous piece of white tulle around and behind the mask. This creepy creature seems to be flying while its white garment flutters in the wind.

Flagpole Frankenstein: Hang a Frankenstein mask on the end of the flagpole. Tie a dark garbage bag behind it. Shredding the garbage bag at the edges intensifies the scary effect.

Flagpole witch: Hang a witch mask on the end of the flagpole. Attach a witch hat to the mask and tie a dark garbage bag behind it. Crush the garbage bag so that the witch robe flutters in the wind.

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