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Passap Knitting Machine Gauge Swatches

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First, you really MUST make a color swatch for a garment for your Passap if you want it to fit. Thread colors vary, so even if you use the same thread, this time you might knit with a different stitch size.

Second: Always pay attention to the size of your swatches. I recommend 30 stitches x 30 rows, so choose -30 + 30 when programming your Passap. You can make a larger pattern and use it for a charity item because you can’t use the same yarn to knit the garment again because the yarn is knitted and looks different the second time. The Passap creates a unique crimp in the yarn. So if you try to reuse the yarn with yarn that you haven’t knitted, it will appear immediately and change the finished stitch. You knit it, dye it, unravel it and knit it again so that the ripple is in the entire garment or knitwear.

If you are dealing with a very unstable fabric or yarn, you should use a color sample that is twice the normal size, except for the 100 × 100 size.

What is unstable substance? Well, Stockinette and Passap Birdseye Fairisle are really stable (unless you knit Stockinette on a really big stitch size with weights to get very loose stitches). Passap Fisherman’s Rib is one of the most unstable.

The larger the piece of fabric, the more it usually grows from the weight of the fabric, especially if it is a dress in my case. The length of the dress can cause the yarn to stretch from weight when worn or hanging on a hanger. You can see the tendency of the yarn to stretch when you use a color sample and send it through the same process that you would do when cleaning after wearing it.

A longer length can change the measuring device. Some yarns can be (50 stitches can measure 8 inches, but 100 stitches can measure 20 inches). You should monitor what happens when you get into the real garments to make sure your meter stays accurate.

Some of the Passap double bed tuck fabrics can grow in both dimensions. Just watch how you work and handle them after you take them out of the knitting machine.

The contrast yarn that you use to mark the beginning and end of your swatch should be about the same size as the main yarn and have a similar fiber content. If your main yarn is cotton, both will shrink when you use cotton for the contrast yarn, and the contrast yarn will not distort the shape of the main yarn piece.

Never have ribs attached to your color swatch unless you have a significant number of rows between the two, as this will severely distort the main fabric measurement.

Tip: If you have different stitches that you want to color, place at least 50 rows of scrap on each side of the next stitch you want to try. This gives enough distance to prevent one substance from influencing the other.

Many new yarn blends are available. Some of them are knitted on your passap, others are not. So go curiously and with a sense of exploration to your yarn and see what you can discover that could surprise and delight you and take your knitting to a whole new dimension and level.

If a yarn could go through the Passap eyelet, could we knit it on our wonderful Passap knitting machine if you know how to do it? And yes, you have to make a pattern for that.

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