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Prevent knitting pain

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Knitting is such a passive hobby that we don’t necessarily focus on preventing injuries. We can endure injuries and pain through our beloved passion.

Ailments that you are likely to attribute to arthritis, muscle pull, or “age” can very well be caused by knitting.

If your lighting is too dim, you may distort your body in a strange position to try to get your hands under the best light. Personally, I’ve been doing this for too long. I tried for years to use a normal bar lamp and found that it just didn’t give me the light I needed. So I took that away and started using a table lamp on the side table next to the chair I had knitted into. A few days later my lower shoulder started to hurt and I noticed that I had turned my upper body towards the lamp. I finally bought one of the new ‘daytime spectrum’ lamps and life has improved so much for me. I’m not saying that you have to go at the cost of buying one of these lamps. I only suggest that you think about your lighting and whether it is enough.

We also tend to put our arms on the armrest of our chairs when knitting. This can cause your shoulders to lift too much towards your ears and cause neck and back pain. Your knitting position is habit. Try to keep your hands closer to your lap and see if it may not feel better. If you work against an old habit, it may take a while before it feels “normal”.

I have read many times that we should take frequent breaks from knitting to standing and shake our hands and arms and stretch our neck and back. I am doing this now and can knit longer without pain.

I tried to warm my hands under hot water before grabbing these knitting needles. That helps me … you could try.

There is talk of different needles that weigh less than others. I believe that it is not the weight of the needles that is causing the problem, but the weight of the project that we may be holding while knitting. I try almost exclusively to use circular knitting needles because I can see that I can knit closer to my lap and don’t have to carry the weight of the garment like straight lines. Again just a personal observation.

I encourage you to take some time to think about your knitting routine and how you can improve your posture and tools to make knitting more enjoyable than you already think.

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