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Sewing Machines: A Brief History of the Merrow Sewing Machine Company

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The Merrow Machine Company was founded in 1838 and is a leading manufacturer of sewing machines. The company was founded by Joseph Merrow, a gunpowder manufacturer. Today Merrow is one of the largest and most popular suppliers of textile sewing equipment and industrial sergers. The company not only produces high-quality overlock machines, but also adapts them to certain applications. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world use Merrow sewing machines for their reliability and uncompromising quality.

Merrow Machine Company has grown from a knitting mill to become the world’s largest manufacturer of overlock machines. Mr. Joseph Merrow was interested in the production of gunpowder and built a powder mill in the early 19th century. The mill was destroyed by an explosion in 1837, so Mr. Merrow set up a knitting shop in the same place. The factory quickly became the first company of its kind in the country.

The knitwear consisted of native wool, which was sorted, picked, dyed, cleaned, spun into yarn and then knitted into hosiery. The end product was delivered to retail stores across New England. Sewing machines were also manufactured in the machine shop in connection with the knitting business. In 1887 a fire destroyed the knitting again. Over the next few years, the company focused solely on developing superior overlock machines that last longer.

In 1905, The Merrow Machine Company had representatives in 35 countries. The first line of “A Class” machines was created in 1932. Joseph M. Merrow was President of the company until his death in 1947. A new type of sewing machine was patented in 1955. In 1964, the company expanded its operations in the South by opening Franklin Industries in Georgia. The Merrow Machine Company continued to be a leading designer and distributor of industrial machinery throughout the 20th century. Today the company is operated by the brothers Charlie and Owen Merrow. Your machines wear better, last longer and have better seams.

In 2004, this manufacturer changed its name to The Merrow Sewing Machine Company. The people who run the company are proud to continue the tradition of precision engineering and innovation in the 21st century. New models of overlock machines are built every year. In 2010, the standard product line was expanded to include customized industrial sewing machines. The company is based in Fall River, Massachusetts. Customers can still order parts for machines built in the 19th century.

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