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Simple and elegant decoration ideas for the 50th wedding anniversary

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Reaching 50 years of marriage is amazing. How could our parents love another person for 50 years when we couldn’t spend a month with our dating partners? It calls for a celebration as great as their love for one another.

For the kids who love their parents to the moon and back, here are 5 decorative pieces for their anniversary celebration to symbolize the beauty that is our parents’ love.

Glitter in everything

Choose decorative pieces with glitter. You can choose between glittering flower vases, candle holders, glittering plates and anything that glitters. However, choose those that don’t look sticky. I suggest that the place shouldn’t be an explosion of glittering chaos. A dash of it is enough to give it a simple and elegant look. Your parents wouldn’t be happy with the mess after the party.

Marigold centerpieces

To really symbolize the long-lasting love of your parents, marigold should be brought to the occasion. It is a representation of the passion and the celebration of good relationships. What is a more suitable flower than these marigolds? You can use them as centerpieces that are beautifully and elegantly arranged. There are various flower arrangements that emphasize the beauty of these flowers.

Wedding photos in black and white

Create a wall that tells your parents’ love story. You can reprint your old wedding photos and other pictures you have of them in a classic black and white look. It will not only serve as a good decoration for the event, but also create a meaningful one. This will definitely bring back our belief in love.

Golden candles

This is a day of love and romance. Nothing says romance than the flare of candles. It represents the burning passion and love that your parents share. To honor the event, choose gold-colored candles. This also makes nice centerpieces if you don’t like flowers. If you can’t find gold candles, make your own. Nothing like a can of spray paint can solve the problem.


A universal symbol for celebrations – balloons. Of course, I’m not referring to the party balloons on your 16th birthday. We should stay elegant and simple. So we should go with white and gold balloons. You can fill the entire ceiling with these balloons, or arrange a series of balloons in key locations. Make sure they look good and clean to prevent accidents from tripping over the strings.

Happy 50th birthday to your parents and congratulations for raising such good children! *to wink*

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