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Styles in the interior

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If you want to professionally transform your living space, choose a specific style or theme and stick to it throughout the entire renovation process of your apartment or house. There are so many different types of decoration, furniture selection, design and equipment.

Classic style

A conservative selection of colors

Milder tones mark a somewhat more modern and relaxed approach to traditional style. If you want to keep the classic style settings strictly, use the colors of gemstones with gold and silver accents.

The combination of old and new

Originals and reproductions of classic interior elements can be used together to achieve the more traditional views of the area.

The classic-style bedroom is usually a dominant canopy and wood carving bed, with the inevitable large headboard that rests on a variety of large, beautifully decorated bags. In addition to the bed, these rooms (depending on the available space) often have a boudoir with a mirror, cupboards with large drawers and antique chests.

The classic style is characterized by large and spacious dining rooms and salons for dining. They are usually equipped with a large dining table and chairs surrounded by sleek lines with a square backrest, and an additional seat in the comfortable shape of leather or upholstered chairs. Along with them are usually in the dining room and small round tables that can be easily moved as needed to serve tea or coffee from a porcelain set (alternatively there are carts for serving tea). These salons are often interconnected large glass doors, making them easy to merge into one large room for family gatherings and gatherings. Although the classic style is no longer so strict, it is mainly characterized by large wooden furniture on which at first glance you can see the hand of an experienced craftsman and graceful lines. Recently, it has often been mixed with modern materials and lighter colors that give the area a less formal yet elegant touch. Such an uncompromising mix of old and new is often shown as a winning combination for areas with a long tradition, such as old houses, villas, apartments with high ceilings and so on.

English “country” style

There are many sub-versions of the English “country” style, from traditional to very strictly formal, based on the maximum practical space. The traditional English country house originally belonged to farmers with simple wishes and refined aesthetic requirements. Materials and furniture were simple and functional and were usually made by local artisans.

In this style, color has instinctively taken large areas from nature. It’s best to use autumn colors: chestnut colors, various shades of green, light yellow and orange give the room a warm and comfortable touch. The doors can be painted bright or lively, which is characteristic of the new chic house as found in urban areas.

Features: hand-woven carpets, rugs, blankets, pillows and embroidery furniture (usually inherited from older generations). All materials must be old and worn and insist on old-fashioned, bulky but extremely comfortable furniture.

Furniture: Furniture is usually made of wood, iron and bronze. Good examples are dark oak chests with hand engravings and a solid but simple wooden bookcase. The kitchens in these houses are mostly small and filled with cupboards, shelves, dishes and kitchen appliances. Kitchen table is big. The English “country” style would necessarily require a large amount of fresh flowers, if possible fireplaces and rich candle holders that offer a comfortable space and a small festive atmosphere.

If in doubt, keep the following tips: This style suits everything that is archaic, a little worn and everything that comes from nature.

Mediterranean style

Regional design: Italy, Greece, Turkey, North Africa and southern Spain.

Design features:

Pointed out the thick stone walls with white cement and deep holes for windows, normally closed wooden lounges,

The floors are paved with tiles or terracotta with floral relief.

Everything is simple and practical,

Large beds with a canopy made of brightly embroidered laundry,

Materials: glass, quality wood, stone, knitted fabrics, lace, reeds, bricks, tiles

American Southwest

It is characterized by desert colors: yellow, blue, green cacti, gray mountains in Grand Canyon colors and unique designs that are the legacy of the Indians from Arizona, New Mexico and other regions of the USA.

There are two types of this style: the “organic” version with huge furniture made from roughly processed logs and boards and pure natural materials such as stone, iron and wood, and the “urban” version, which is characterized by plastic decorations in the form of cactus and desert flowers with pictures of the American West, the coyote figure, curves and the use of tiles in pastel colors, especially the peach color.

Commonly used color and other features of the style:

Indian details

Organic materials, iron, wood, smooth stones,

Colorful fabric dyed with natural bright colors,

Large furniture logs, fireplaces and fire pits,

Colors Sunset in the desert, mountains and prairies.

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