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The best circular knitting needles for Magic Loop

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Get the correct needle length

When you start knitting in the loop on the Magic Loop, you only need a few supplies. With a 40 to 47 inch long round needle you can really get started. Forty-seven inches is a good length so you can later knit twice in a row if you feel more comfortable, but there is nothing wrong with getting that length now so you don’t have to buy more needles later.

Big box store options

There are many different brands to choose from when choosing a circular needle for Magic Loop. If you go to a large store like Wal-Mart or JoAnn Fabrics, your choices are limited. You can choose from circular bamboo needles from a company called Clover. You may also see some needles from Susan Bates, another inexpensive knitting needle maker. I do not recommend using these needles because the connections or where the cord connects to the needle can be rough and caught on the thread. In addition, the cables are usually inflexible, which makes learning this already new and challenging technology even more difficult.

Local yarn storage options

Going to your local yarn store gives you more choices. You can buy an Addi Turbo needle or an Addi Lace needle. Addi Turbos are the most popular needle brand that you can buy in your local yarn store. They’re easy to use, but pretty slippery, which means you want to go fast. If you are used to using bamboo or wooden needles, I recommend starting with Addi pointy needles. They are somewhat sticky on the outside, which prevents the yarn from slipping off the needle tips when learning. The tips are also pointers, which means that it is even easier to insert the needles into your stitches while learning.

Interchangeable needles

Addi also sells a replaceable needle set. This means that they sell many different needle sizes that you can connect to a variety of cables, making an entire set of just a few parts. If you love knitting in the loop on Magic Loop, this may be a great option for you, especially if you have a birthday, you will never have to spend money on needles again and will end up saving a lot of money in the long run in the yarn store. Addi also has the interchangeable set in the top needles.

Shopping online

If you are an online shopper, you have even more options. A very popular manufacturer of circular knitting needles is Knit Picks, an online retailer of yarns and needles. Knit Picks offers some cheaper options for interchangeable circular needles. The Harmony brand is an interchangeable wooden knitting needle set that is retailed for around $ 80.00. The Knit Picks options are a metal version. These usually last a little longer and are also a little more expensive, still around $ 80.00. A new generation in the field of circular interchangeable needles is called Hiya-Hiya needles. These needles have received a lot of attention on the Internet and are worth a look. If you really want to do something good for yourself, visit Signature Needle Arts. These aluminum knitting needles are not like your grandmother’s knitting needles. They are made in a factory that makes airline parts. They are so precise, well balanced and so good to hold that many people are dependent on their circular needles. With a retail price of nearly $ 40.00 per pop, these products are another great choice for your birthday.

An easy option

If you are not sure which one to start with my recommendation, go to your local knitting shop and choose a size 7 circular knitting needle from Addi Lace. Choose the 47 inch length. This is a great length to help you get started and give you the feeling of knitting in the round on a round needle or magic loop before making a big investment.

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