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The great health benefits of drinking tea

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Different types of tea and their health benefits

This article looks at the great health benefits of drinking tea.

Tea has been around for centuries – and there is a reason for it. In the East it is considered the key to wisdom, happiness and health.

That is why it has caught the attention of researchers in the West.

They have currently discovered the numerous health benefits of different types of tea. Research has proven that it can help with heart disease, diabetes and cancer. All good examples of the great health benefits of drinking tea.

There are also natural teas that help you lose weight, increase mental alertness and lower cholesterol. It also seems to have antimicrobial properties. So far, no disadvantages of the recording are known.

Katherine Tallmadge, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, explains that tea is a perfect alternative to coffee. This is because tea contains less caffeine. It is also rich in flavonoids, which reduce cancer risk and are good for the heart. While there are questions about how long you should soak tea and how much you should drink, all nutritionists agree that each type of tea is good. Better still, nutritionists recommend people to take brewed teas instead of bottled ones. The brewed ones contain no sweeteners or additional calories. From chamomile tea to hibiscus, from green to white, they are loaded with flavonoids and health benefits.

Here are different types of tea and their health benefits.

Herbal teas and their health benefits

1. Rooibos

Rooibos comes from South Africa as an herbal tea. It is an extract from a red bush plant called rooibos. Why the South Africans used rooibos is due to its medicinal properties. An investigation found that rooibos herbal tea could improve bone health. In combination with black and green, rooibos can strengthen the cells involved in bone density and growth. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Jackman and Angelina Jolie take advantage of the beauty and health benefits of rooibos tea.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the most commonly drunk herbal teas in the world. It is infused from dry leaves of the peppermint plant. Its menthol component makes it appealing in taste and aroma. This widespread use is due to its many health benefits. For one, peppermint tea contains antioxidant, antiviral, cancer-fighting and antibacterial properties. In addition, the tea is used to support digestive health. If you ever experience indigestion caused by indigestion, cramping, or nausea, try mint tea. Victoria Beckham likes to drink mint tea. She states that it helps with digestion and treats stomach upset, all of which are good examples of the great health benefits of drinking tea.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is made from the flowers of a plant called Asteraceae. The flower heads are then dried and spread with hot water to make this chamomile tea. These colorful flowers make a gold-colored tea. It has an apple and earthy taste. Therefore, drinking the tea is really easy. The herbal tea has its own health benefits. The tea has a calming effect and is often used as a sleep aid. To support these effects, the researchers conducted two studies. One of the studies included 34 participants who suffered from insomnia.

These patients woke up in the middle of the night and faced the challenges of falling asleep. But after drinking chamomile tea extract twice a day, her sleep problems decreased. The other study included 80 postnatal women who had sleep problems. After taking chamomile extract for 2 weeks, sleep quality and symptoms of depression improved. In addition to supporting sleep, chamomile tea has a liver-protecting, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Another study shows that chamomile tea can actually decrease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. For the same reason, the tea type improves blood lipid, insulin and blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In fact, a songwriter named Alanis Morissette sang the praises of chamomile tea. According to Alanis, this herbal tea is her favorite drink because it soothes her neck.

4. Hibiscus

Hibiscus tea is another herbal tea made from the beautiful flowers of the hibiscus plant. In addition, it has a pink / red color and a sour, refreshing taste. You can either enjoy it icy or enjoy it hot. However, this ruby ​​red tea has a sour taste and makes your mouth twitch. Apart from its unique taste and strong color, the hibiscus tea type contains health properties. It helps fight oxidative stress and lower high blood pressure. Various types of research have examined how the intake of hibiscus tea affects high blood lipid levels. Although several studies have shown that tea is effective, a large review has shown that these effects on blood lipid levels are not significant. Another test tube study found that hibiscus tea is very effective against the fear of bird flu. Still, no study shows that you can fight flu viruses by taking hibiscus tea. In addition, many studies show that hibiscus tea has positive effects on high blood pressure. While most of these studies were of poor quality, drinking this tea could lower high blood pressure. Another great study involved soccer players. After drinking hibiscus tea for 6 weeks, her oxidative stress decreased.

5. Green

This is obtained from steamed tea leaves. It is widely used because it contains high EGCC values. The antioxidants in green tea can prevent the growth of cancers such as colon, breast, bladder, stomach and lung cancer. In addition, tea helps burn fat, prevent artery blockage, and lower the risk of neurological problems such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Celebrities Johnny Depp has included green tea in his diet. The reason was that the tea helped him lose weight because he behaved like a vampire in “Dark Shadows”.

6. Black

Black tea contains a lot of caffeine because it is made from fermented tea leaves. In fact, it is the basis for flavored teas like chai and instant teas. Nevertheless, black tea benefits cigarette smokers the most. Drinking the tea can protect the lungs from damage that can be caused by cigarette smoke.

7. White

Unlike black tea, white tea is not fermented and unhardened. For this reason, white tea contains the strongest anti-cancer properties compared to other more processed teas. This short processing helps to maintain many of the tea’s medicinal properties.

Those who love to drink it are familiar with its fresh smell and healthy taste. White tea also has great health benefits. On the one hand, it contains catechins with high antimicrobial and antioxidative properties. In addition, catechins have been found to hinder the increase in blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Another study conducted at Pace University found that white tea can delay the development of bacteria that lead to gum disease, pneumonia, and infection. David Beckham is a soccer star who likes to have a cup of it.

Maybe that’s why he’s always calm on the field. Conclusion Teas are available in numerous varieties with delicious aromas and breathtaking smells. Better still, they’re naturally calorie and sugar free. Many herbal teas have health benefits. That is why modern science has started to recognize its traditional uses. Try tea like rooibos (the tea you read).

As already mentioned, rooibos tea promotes bone density and growth. In addition, this type of tea lowers the risk of heart disease. We trust this article contains information about the great health benefits of drinking tea. However, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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