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The therapeutic benefits of knitting

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The jury has returned Knitting is good for you! The therapeutic benefits of knitting have long been known to avid fans of this ancient craft, but research has recently been done that gave knitting a thumbs up, concluding that it is very good for you.

A recent study at Otago University in New Zealand found evidence of the psychological benefits of knitting and crocheting. 658 students were asked to keep diaries of their experiences and emotional states for 13 days.

Dr. Tamlin Connor, the study’s lead author, said: “Psychology research is increasingly recognizing that creativity is linked to emotional functioning.” However, most of this work focuses on how emotions benefit or hinder creativity, rather than whether creativity encourages emotions or hinders wellbeing. Creative behavior leads to an increase in wellbeing the next day, and this increased wellbeing is likely to facilitate creative activity on the same day. Overall, these results support the increasing emphasis on everyday creativity as a means of promoting a positive psychological function. “

The study, published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, found that students showed more enthusiasm and “bloom” in the days after creative activities – a term for mental health that describes happiness and meaning.

Other studies have also shown that knitting is beneficial for those suffering from physical pain, depression, and stress. For those lucky enough to be fit, healthy, and happy, not only is it a great way to relax and be constructive, but also the knitting, mental and physical coordination action is an excellent way Stimulate your brain and protect it from cognitive decline and possibly even dementia as you get older.

For people with pain, it is surprising what help knitting can be. Among other benefits, it helps you relax and relieve pain while focusing on the task at hand. The sense of achievement helps build confidence and the distraction it offers is one of the best analgesics.

For those suffering from depression, it can be a huge boost in confidence and help you move from negative to positive thoughts. It can distract you from uncomfortable thoughts and give you a sense of achievement and purpose, along with something you can enjoy and look forward to.

Knitting is good for the brain because it has many skills. It is necessary to calculate, memorize and use a lot of hand-eye coordination. For people who live alone, reducing the feeling of loneliness and making sense again can help.

The necessary concentration can be very relaxing, especially if you are more nervous or excited.

These are just a few examples of the therapeutic benefits of knitting, but they are indeed diverse, and I’m sure that you can add all of your own benefits to this list.

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