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Wisdom Essay – a different perspective on decorating your home and some more

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One of the delights of interior design is the ability to transform a normal looking room into something beautiful. Unlike any other art form, you can live in your interior design. This activity allows you to combine creativity and utility. Working with interior design is, in a sense, like serving in a restaurant, as the experience is catastrophic when it is not good and almost unnoticed when it is excellent. Although those who live in your home may not notice it, the impact of the work you do is a sense of security, satisfaction, and inspiration. Not everything you decorate needs to be completely innovative: sometimes simply moving existing elements or replicating elements you’ve seen before gives the area a wonderful touch.

Create attractive wreaths

A simple but nice way to decorate your porch is to add a wreath to your door. There are many ways to be creative when you make a wreath: the combinations of colors, shapes and themes or styles lead to endless possibilities. All you need is a foam ring and some silk flowers to get started. Take the flowers and cut the stems about an inch from the calyx or the bottom of the flower. Then slide the stems of each flower into the ring. When positioning the flowers, make sure that the foam is completely covered. However, you don’t want your flowers to look too full! Your wreath will last a very long time if you add small amounts of glue with a hot glue gun when the base of the flower touches the ring. Adding leaves or tendrils to your wreath works well for additional decoration or to cover bare spots. You can create wreaths with one type of flower in many colors or one color with many flowers or a combination. Finally, select the desired part of the wreath “above” and tie a cord around this area so that you can hang it on the door.

Decorate with greenery

One of the basics of a properly furnished home is creating the right mood. This atmosphere is created by a good mix of colors, styles, textures and pieces of furniture. When you decorate with more natural tones and textures, green is an important element that helps to unify space and breathe life into it. When adding green, make sure you know the size and position of the areas you want to use so you can select parts with complementary shapes and styles. If you make sure you have a foot or two above the tree, the room will feel more spacious and airy. You also want the branches to fit in the area naturally. Plants come in many shapes and sizes – if you’re planning a table top, a shorter plant like a bonsai tree is perfect. One way to upgrade the corners of your rooms is to hang a plant from the ceiling. If it’s in a basement or area without sunlight, there are many types of silk or artificial plants to choose from, and it’s surprising how lifelike they can look.

How to decorate your home – even with small children

Many families with young children still have a strong desire for a well-furnished home. However, children have a knack for interrupting such projects. The best way to decorate a house with young children is to give them their own project. These experiences are the ones children (and you) will remember – and give your children the opportunity to be proud of their efforts. There are thousands upon thousands of home decor ideas that work with young children. Another tip: Decorative objects such as tall trees and hanging baskets are difficult to reach or damage for small hands.

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